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Real Estate Certificate of Registration Course

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What is the Certificate of

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How Does It Work?

1. We provide you with the tools

We will provide you with access to our interactive multi-media, online learning system containing the entire NSW Certificate of Registration Course complete with audio, video and additional resources, with no upfront cost.

2. Complete the training

Throughout the course you will see a series of questions and assessment tasks related to the multimedia content provided. Complete these tasks as you go or in the order you prefer, on your computer, mobile or tablet.

3. Become accredited

Once you have successfully worked through all four Modules of the training (and associated questions and tasks) and you wish to be formally assessed against the mandatory units of competency for NSW Registration by the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), MRT Training (RTO ID: 41529), you will be required to pay $695.00

If successful, you will receive a Statement of Attainment which you will be required to have when applying to NSW Fair Trading for your Certificate of Registration. If you are unsuccessful, you will have every opportunity to improve upon your work at no added cost.

4. No obligation

If at any time during or immediately after the training you decide that in fact Real Estate is not for you, you can walk away without applying for assessment, meaning you do not pay a cent. 

Why no upfront cost?

Confidence… In the same way that we want the thousands of Real Estate industry business leaders, managers and employers we are in touch with to have confidence in the quality of the people who complete our courses as potential employees, we want YOU to have confidence in the material we produce and have confidence that a career in Real Estate is for you.

Once you have completed the training and decided that a career in Real Estate is in fact what you want, it is only then we require payment for assessment. If successful, you will receive a Statement of Attainment and then can apply to NSW Fair Trading for your Certificate of Registration.

This process enables us to train the people who are genuinely serious about succeeding in Real Estate and connect them with employers who are looking for job ready candidates.

Why complete a Certificate of Registration course that merely allows you to enter the Real Estate industry rather than a course that prepares you for success in the industry?

The Deliverables

  • Successful completion of the 4 modules which are mapped to the require Units of Competency entitles the participant to apply to for the NSW Certificate of Registration through NSW Fair Trading.
  • The processes associated with Real Estate Property Sales and Property Management made plain and simple to understand through a series of video and audio interviews and case studies.
  • An understanding of the dedication required to have a fulfilling career in real estate and the pit falls to avoid.
  • An understanding of the rewards a career in real estate can deliver.
  • An understanding of what new recruits can expect in their first year in real estate, including potential earnings.
  • Continued training and coaching from Realtair Academy to support graduates of the Certificate of Registration Course through the entirety of their career plus FREE Bonus content and material for graduates of the course. 

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