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Real Estate Certificate of Registration Course

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What is the Certificate of Registration? MoreClose/

The Certificate of Registration is the minimum requirement a person must have should they wish to work in Real Estate. It is not a license, but a means to work under a licensee who is a licensed Real Estate Agent.

How do I get a Certificate of Registration? MoreClose/

Depending upon which state or territory you wish to work in, the relevant regulatory body for your state or territory will have specific requirements you must meet in order to become registered as a real estate ‘salesperson’*. One of these requirements is that you must have completed the correct training for your state or territory.
*Salesperson in this instance, is a generic term used for a person working in real estate regardless of actual role.

Is this course national? Which States and Territories does Realtair Academy’s Certificate of Registration cover? MoreClose/

Each State and Territory have different requirements when it comes to registering as a Real Estate Salesperson. Currently, Realtair Academy offer the training requirements for the NSW and ACT Certificate of Registration programs only. Other areas will be coming soon. This is not a national course.

Who is Realtair Academy? MoreClose/

Realtair Academy is an innovative training and systems development organisation operated by a group of highly productive people who are dedicated to the design and development of leading-edge business systems and career development programs designed for immediate application by real estate professionals wishing to excel in the industry. The organisation is the consolidation of multiple companies, products and services which have been established and cultivated by Lee Woodward and his team. Read more.

Is Realtair Academy a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)? MoreClose/

No, Realtair Academy is not a Registered Training Organisation. We are an innovative training and systems development organisation whom have created this platform for learners to complete the required training for a Certificate of Registration. We have however partnered with MRT Training (RTO 41529) who have approved the course content to meet the accreditation requirements. MRT Training conduct all final assessments and provide Statements of Attainment for successful graduates of the program.

How much does this course cost? MoreClose/

There is no upfront cost for accessing Realtair Academy’s Certificate of Registration. Only when you wish to have your work assessed is when you are asked to make a onetime payment of $695. There is no additional cost for further assessment should it be required.

Why no upfront cost? MoreClose/

Realtair Academy for many years have worked with employers throughout the Australian Real Estate Industry whom have held collective concerns towards the level of ability and passion of new entrants coming into the industry. Through extensive consultation with employers, real estate professionals and the accredited training industry we discovered that many people who begin training to become accredited to work in real estate, often only continue into the industry due to the financial commitment of having paid upfront for training, as opposed to those who are genuinely passionate about becoming successful real estate professionals. By allowing learners to ‘test the water’ by completing the training for the Certificate of Registration course with no financial obligation to become accredited, we are ensuring that those continuing into the industry are passionate and eager to succeed.

What makes this course different to what other providers offer? MoreClose/

In addition to not charging any money for the course upfront, Realtair Academy provide material for graduates of the course that isn’t used in assessment, but is designed to assist real estate professionals become more successful. Most training providers can provide you with a statement of attainment which you can use to become registered but then what? Realtair Academy will assist you with not only jumping the first hurdle of obtaining the necessary accreditation, but also with helping you hit the ground running with material such as ‘Just calls’; a collection of the best phone calls from some of Australia’s most successful real estate agents, ‘Sawdust’; a ‘best of’ compilation of Lee Woodward and John McGrath in the first five years of the very famous ‘Hot Topics’ program, a special ‘graduate rate’ to Realtair Academy’s flagship training course ‘The Complete Salesperson Course’ to be used within 12 months of completing your Certificate of Registration, plus complimentary 3 month access to Realtair Academy’s extensive Mobile Resource Library featuring 1000’s of assets and resources designed to coach successful real estate professionals.

Why is this course more expensive than other courses? MoreClose/

The course has been priced to accurately reflect firstly the course structure and design but also the support and after course deliverables provided by Realtair Academy. We are under no illusion that this Certificate of Registration is not as cheap as others on the market, however we are confident that not only can we offer the best course content for any Certificate of Registration course but we can also offer support and assistance in helping new entrants to the real estate industry succeed in their new career with our tried and tested non-accredited coaching.

What will I receive in terms of course material? MoreClose/

The Lee Woodward Certificate of Registration from Realtair Academy is purely an online course. Learners wishing to go through the course have the ability to stream audio/video, download the audio as well as download PDF transcripts of each topic. Learners are welcome to print hard copies of these transcripts should they find it useful to do so.

How long does it take to complete the course? MoreClose/

Realtair Academy’s Certificate of Registration program is a self-paced study program so this can vary depending upon the individual taking part and how much spare time they have to dedicate to their training.

Is there a time limit to complete the course? MoreClose/

Technically there is not a limit to how long an individual takes to complete the course. However, as per our terms and conditions, we will be in contact with learners who have not yet completed the course prior to and at the 12 month point to discuss deleting the account in question. Should we be unable to reach the individual, we will delete the account. A copy of any completed assessments from accounts that are deleted will be retained.

What if I run into difficulty when completing assessments? MoreClose/

If at any point you require assistance or clarification with the course feel free to contact Realtair Academy by calling 1300 367 412 or by emailing sales@realtair.com

How long does it take to receive results once somebody completes the course? MoreClose/

Following submission of assessments, we aim to provide learners firstly with initial feedback within 3 working days. At this point learners will have the opportunity to make any amendments based on this feedback and re-submit their assessments. MRT Training will then conduct their formal assessment of submitted work which can take up to 2 weeks. Once a learner’s work is deemed to be fully competent, a statement of attainment will be mailed to them and a PDF scanned copy will be emailed also.

Is there an age limit for this course? MoreClose/

The course is designed for anyone wanting to gain a Certificate of Registration and as such the course should only be completed by learners whom meet the age limit requirements for their relevant state or territory. In NSW you can apply for a Certification of Registration if you are aged 16 or over. In the ACT a person must be an adult.

What jobs can I get in Real Estate? MoreClose/

There are many different types of occupations within Real Estate and many different business models that may require many of these and some that may only require a few. The roles that people generally complete a Certificate of Registration for the purpose of becoming qualified are real estate Salesperson, Property Managers, Office Managers and Receptionists etc. However this by no means is an extensive list. Basically, anyone whom works in real estate who would be expected to either provide information or advice to a client or member of the public would be required to have a certificate of registration.

Can I work in Real Estate without having a Certificate of Registration? MoreClose/

Most States and Territories have a minimum requirement for a person to work in Real Estate. However this is quite a broad statement. An office junior for instance whose sole role is to pack ‘mail’ or organise stationary would not be required to have a registration. This is because they do not have to speak to the public, provide information or advice on real estate matters.

If for some reason, a member of the public spoke to somebody in this kind of position requesting information about a particular property for example, then regardless of how simple the answer may be or how confident the individual was at answering it, they would have to request a registered salesperson or licensed real estate agent to handle the enquiry.

A more simple way of looking at it is, any real estate employee that wishes to be involved with any real estate transaction must hold either a Certificate of Registration or a full Real Estate License. 

What if after or during the course, I no longer wish to pursue a career in Real Estate? MoreClose/

As Realtair Academy do not charge upfront for this training, you are free to walk away with no obligation to pay. Only should you wish for your work to be assessed is when you are asked to pay.

Once I have completed my training, what do I need to do to become registered? MoreClose/

Once you have received your Statement of Attainment from MRT Training; the Registered Training Organisation whom issue certification for the course, you will then need to apply to your state or territory’s relevant regulatory body. In NSW this is NSW Fair Trading through Service NSW and in the ACT this is the Office of Regulatory Services through Access Canberra.

What is the cost of Registration and Renewal with the regulatory bodies? MoreClose/

For NSW registrations, NSW Fair Trading initial registration costs $123 (if lodged online), and renewal of current registrations (every 12 months) costs $84 (if lodged online).

For ACT Registrations, Access Canberra charge an annual amount for both initial registrations and renewals. This is typically charged in October, so new registrations are charged on a ‘pro-rata’ basis if not in October. There is also an option to pay for 3 years registration. 1 year registration costs $227 and 3 years costs $681.

*Prices correct as of 01/02/2017

Does the certificate expire? MoreClose/

If referring to the actual Certificate of Registration issued by the relevant regulatory body, then yes, these do expire and you are required to maintain currency by completing the appropriate amount of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and lodging evidence of this activity with the relevant regulatory body.

If referring to the Statement of Attainment issued by MRT Training then technically no. However, the units of competency completed as part of the course do sometimes become superseded and updated for varying reasons. Should this occur, it generally will not affect your registration with the relevant regulatory body unless said regulators change the requirements of registration and then request you conduct specific training to upgrade your skills. This is not something that happens regularly and if it were to happen you would be notified with plenty of time to take the appropriate action.

After I am registered and working in Real Estate is there anything else I should do? MoreClose/

Once you are registered and are working in the industry, it is strongly recommended that you utilise your special Graduate Rate to ‘The Complete Salesperson Course’. It is the most highly regarded training event for Real Estate professionals in Australia and it will assist you in gaining early and continued success in your new career. Furthermore, you are also eligible to receive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points by attending. CPD is a mandatory element of being a registered real estate salesperson. This offer is available up until 12 months after completing your Certificate of Registration

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